Birdwatching Holidays with Calidris Birding Tours

Worldwide birding tours that create a balance between finding the maximum number of species and spending the time to enjoy watching them at a sensible pace.

We aim to provide well-planned and professionally-led birding tours that not only supply the best opportunities to see many of the world's most exciting birds but are fun to be on too; very much a birding holiday. Our tours are listed by date with summaries of the key bird species, price and trip overview, please take a look at them all here - Birding Tour Calendar.

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Azure Tit

Central Mongolia Birding Tour

6th-20th June 2023: Mongolian Ground Jay, White-naped Crane, Oriental Plover, Mongolian Lark, Azure Tit, Swan Goose, Siberian Rubythroat, Black-billed Capercaillie, Altai Snowcock, Pallas’s Sandgrouse, Saxaul Sparrow, Godlewski’s Bunting,  – £3850 PP

Elegant Trogon

Mexico Rare Endemics Birding Tour

20th July – 4th August 2023: Eared Quetzal, Thick-billed Parrot, Maroon-fronted Parrot, Worthen’s Sparrow, Tawny-collared Nightjar, Aztec Thrush, Tamaulipas Pygmy-Owl, Blue-capped Motmot, Bronze-winged Woodpecker, Crimson-collared Grosbeak – £3300 PP

White-fronted Falconet

North Borneo Birding Tour

24th August-6th September 2023: Bornean Bristlehead, Helmeted Hornbill, Blue-headed Pitta, Blue-banded Pitta, Whitehead’s Trogon, Bare-headed Laughingthrush, Black-and-crimson Pitta, Bornean Ground Cuckoo, Crimson-headed Partridge, Great Argus – £4225 PP

Crested Fireback

Peninsula Malaysia Birding Tour

6th – 18th September 2023: Garnet Pitta, Malaysian Rail Babbler, Helmeted Hornbill, Mountain Peacock Pheasant, Red-naped Trogon, Chestnut-naped Forktail, Mangrove Pitta, Green Broadbill, Malayan Laughingthrush, Rhinoceros Hornbill – £3870 PP

Spotted Sandgrouse

Morocco Autumn Birding Tour

3rd-15th September 2023: Levaillant’s Green Woodpecker, Northern Bald Ibis, Cream-coloured Courser, Egyptian Nightjar, African Crimson-winged Finch, Marbled Duck, Pharoah Eagle Owl, Thick-billed Lark – £TBA PP

White-bellied Sea Eagle

Thailand Raptor Birding Tour

25th October – 5th November 2023: Black Baza, White-bellied Sea Eagle, Pied Harrier, Grey-faced Buzard, Lesser Fish Eagle, Crested Serpent Eagle, Chinese Sparrowhawk, Greater Spotted Eagle, Black-thighed Falconet, Spoon-billed Sandpiper – £2750 PP

Western Spindalis

Cuba Endemics Birding Tour

18-30th November 2023: Bee Hummingbird, Cuban Trogon, Gundlach’s Hawk, Cuban Tody, Red-legged Thrush, Fernandina’s Flicker, Cuban Grassquit, Cuban Bullfinch, White-crowned Pigeon, Bare-legged Owl, West Indian Woodpecker, Blue-headed Quail-Dove – £3925 PP

Malabar Pied Hornbill

Sri Lanka Endemics Birding Tour

19th Nov-2nd Dec 2023: Sri Lanka Spurfowl, Red-faced Malkoha, Sri Lanka Frogmouth, Serendib Scops Owl, Malabar Trogon, Crimson-fronted Barbet, Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill, Indian Pitta, Sri Lanka Blue Magpie, Spot-winged Thrush, Sri Lanka Thrush. – £3275 PP

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