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    Javan Cochoa

    West Java and Sumatra Birding Tour

    26th August – 15th September 2022: Christmas Island Frigatebird, Schneider’s Pitta, Large Frogmouth, Oriental Bay Owl, Javan Banded Pitta, Salvadori’s Pheasant, Graceful Pitta, Javan Cochoa, Sumatran Trogon, Bonaparte’s Nightjar, Red-billed Partridge – £4325 PP

    White-bellied Sea Eagle

    Thailand Raptor Birding Tour

    25th October – 5th November 2022: Black Baza, White-bellied Sea Eagle, Pied Harrier, Grey-faced Buzard, Lesser Fish Eagle, Crested Serpent Eagle, Chinese Sparrowhawk, Greater Spotted Eagle, Black-thighed Falconet, Spoon-billed Sandpiper – £2750 PP

    Malabar Pied Hornbill

    Sri Lanka Endemics Birding Tour

    19th Nov-2nd Dec 2022: Sri Lanka Spurfowl, Red-faced Malkoha, Sri Lanka Frogmouth, Serendib Scops Owl, Malabar Trogon, Crimson-fronted Barbet, Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill, Indian Pitta, Sri Lanka Blue Magpie, Spot-winged Thrush, Sri Lanka Thrush. – £2875 PP

    Red-crowned Cranes

    South Korea Winter Birding Tour

    3rd-15th January 2023: Steller’s Sea Eagle, Red-crowned Crane, Baikal Teal, Relict Gull, Scaly-sided Merganser, Asian Rosy Finch, White-naped Crane, Varied Tit, Swan Goose, Solitary Snipe, Hooded Crane, Oriental Stork, Japanese Wagtail – £3650 PP

    Asian Dowitcher

    Central and Northern Thailand Birding Tour

    1st-18th February 2023: Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Great Hornbill, Giant Nuthatch, Blue Pitta, Black-and-red Broadbill, Mrs Hume’s Pheasant, Yellow-breasted Bunting, Asian Dowitcher, Nordmann’s Greenshank, Scarlet-faced Liocichla, Pied Harrier – £4295 PP

    Lesser Adjutant

    Cambodia Birding Tour

    13th-27th March 2023: Giant Ibis, Greater Adjutant, Black-headed Woodpecker, White-shouldered Ibis, Mekong Wagtail, Cambodian Tailorbird, White-backed Vulture, Bengal Florican, White-winged Duck, Sarus Crane, White-rumped Falcon – £3750 PP

    Silver-breasted Broadbill

    South Vietnam Birding Tour

    29th March-9th April 2023: Bar-bellied Pitta, Vietnamese Cutia, Germain’s Peacock Pheasant, Collared Laughingthrush, Blue-rumped Pitta, Vietnamese Greenfinch, Pale-headed Woodpecker, Indochinese Green Magpie – £TBA PP

    White-browed Tit-warbler

    Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan Birding Tour

    22nd May-4th June 2023: Highlights include Ibisbill, Himalayan Snowcock, MacQueen’s Bustard, Black Lark, White-capped Bunting, Saxaul Sparrow, White-browed Tit-warbler, Himalayan Rubythroat, Demoiselle Crane – £3450 PP