Covid-19 Policy

Due to the recent COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, Calidris Birding Tours has enacted the following policies. Given the unpredicatbility of the situation if you want to know more or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email –

General Tour Policy

Procedures on tour will be largely defined by the Covid-19 protocols that have been put in place by the governments of the countries that we will be visiting. Be aware that these protocols could change at short notice.

Booking a Tour

Due to the frequently changing situation many governments have a variety of self-isolation/quarantine laws during the Covid-19 crisis. In many cases these laws apply to some countries and not others so when booking a tour please ensure that you comply with the requirements of the host country of the tour regarding vaccination status and length of stay in the countries you will be travelling from to join the Calidris Birding Tours holiday. These details may affect whether you can join the tour without having to spend a period of time in self-isolation/quarantine. For example some countries will allow visitors entry without quarantine with just a negative PCR test while others require double vaccination. Some countries will not allow quarantine-free entry, regardless of vaccination status, if a visitor has spent time, within the last 14 days, in a country listed as “high risk”. It is the client’s duty to ensure that they can comply with entry regulations in order to join the tour.

Face Coverings/Masks

You will be expected to abide by whatever rules have been put into place in our destination country. You will be expected to have sufficient supply of cloth face masks for the duration of the tour, either disposable or washable. Calidris Birding Tours guides will have some spare face masks should someone accidently lose their supply but they will be expected to buy replacements at the first available opportunity.

Guides and clients will not be expected to wear face coverings/masks in the field or while travelling in private tour vehicles, unless it is required in the country being visited.

It is also important to understand that different people have different views on the relative benefits of face coverings and that these views should be respected.

You will be briefed before trip commencement of the local regulations regarding the wearing of face masks.

Hand Sanitizer

We strongly advise participants to bring a sufficient supply of hand sanitizer for their personal use on tour and use it after touching surfaces. Hand cleaning is not only one of the most effective ways of controlling the Covid-19 virus but also other viral, bacterial and fungal infections. It is highly likely that in many of our destinations alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be widespread in hotels and guesthouses, restaurants, shops, airports etc. However, participants should have their own supply too. Calidris Birding guides will carry a spare supply should anyone lose their own.


It is not possible to socially distance when travelling between birding sites without dramatically increasing the cost of the tours. All vehicles used will be thoroughly cleaned before we use them. Acceptance of the risk of travelling in vehicles between birding sites is part of the terms and conditions of joining one of our tours.

Returning Home

Check your home government’s advice on returning from the country you intend to travel to. It will be entirely your own responsibility to know whether you are required to self-isolate or not and to make provision for this.