Calidris Birding Tours Terms and Conditions

Section 1: Calidris Birding Tours Ltd & You, The Client

About us: Calidris Birding Tours Ltd
  • Calidris Birding Tours Ltd is Limited Company number 12121788, registered in England and Wales.  The Company’s registered address is 32 The Square, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 4AR and we can be contacted by email
  • Throughout the remainder of this document, references to “Calidris”, “the Company”, “us” and “we” refer to Calidris Birding Tours Ltd.
  • We are based in England and our contracts are subject to English law as determined by English Courts.
  • As a Company based in England, we are subject to and fully compliant with the terms of The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018.  As such, all payments received by us in respect of tours booked are protected against financial insolvency by the “”” insert insurance details here””””””.
About you; The Client or Clients

Your booking will become a contract with us that is subject to applicable England law and the English Courts. Because of this we would like to point out that you will need to satisfy yourself that you have considered and comply with the following checklist of conditions:

For tours outside your country of residence:
  • You have, or will have, a passport with validity of at least six months after the last day of the tour, failure to do so is likely to result in immigration officials of the destination country denying you entry.
  • You undertake to obtain any entry visas and/or vaccination or other health certificates that are required by the destination country.  It will be your responsibility to ensure that you meet the requirements for the visa, finding out too late may result in a lost deposit and final payment.
  • We do not book flights on your behalf.  You will be responsible for booking flights for yourself as we do not book flights on your behalf, and these flights must connect with the dates and times in the tour itinerary.  We are happy to advise on flights, but will not undertake the bookings for you.
General conditions for you
  • You have adequate travel insurance to cover both medical treatment abroad and the need to cancel your holiday.  It is a condition of booking with us that cancellation insurance is in place from the point that the cooling off period for your booking has expired.  We will not permit you to join a trip until you have sent us a copy of your travel insurance cover.
  • You have made a full declaration of any disability that you, or any of those included in your booking, may have.  Where possible, we will attempt to make reasonable provision for disabilities that do not preclude you from undertaking a bird watching tour.  However, in almost all cases our tours cannot be reasonably modified for wheelchair users, due to the lack of access at accommodation and national parks and the unavailability of modified vehicles in the countries that we visit.
  • You must declare any allergies or dietary preferences to us and we will advise on the practicalities of dealing with these on the specific tour(s) that you are interested in before you make a booking.  Once on tour we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that you are not exposed to allergens, but cannot guarantee this.  Our local guides and Calidris rep. will ensure that food allergies are explained clearly to all providers of food on our trips, but in a very small number of cases there will be limited or no choice.
  • You are booking the type of tour that is likely to meet your expectations.  If you want to spend a long time obtaining high quality photos then a tour advertised as for “photography” will suit you while a tour advertised as “birding” may not.  Conversely, if your primary interest is seeing as many species as possible then a “photography” tour may not meet your expectations.
  • You can meet the physical requirements for a tour, which will stated in the tour information and can be discussed with us further before making a booking.  Generally this means that you have a good level of mobility, are able to get in and out of vehicles without help, can walk up flights of stairs unaided, can cope with the climate of the locations being visited and can stand and walk for prolonged periods at birding pace. The pace of our tours is usually that at which allows for most able-bodied people to participate fuly and there are often periods that can be opted out of without causing any incovenience to others.
  • You will be responsible for taking an adequate supply of any medicines that you need, including a buffer in case of unforeseen delays.
  • You should ensure that your household policy covers high value items whilst travelling as travel insurance generally does not cover your optical equipment .

Section 2: Prices & Payments

Tour Leaders

Accommodation/room sharing

Checklist & other materials



Section 3: The Tour

Tour Itineraries & Alterations

All tour descriptions are based on the circumstances at the time of writing. While it is expected that these itineraries will be adhered to we, and our local agents,  reserve the right to alter these itineraries either before or during the tour when circumstances beyond our control change. This includes, but is not limited to, political situations, weather, access restrictions or even bird abundance. If the itinerary is changed for any reason before the tour commences, you will be informed of these changes in advance. If the itinerary is changed during the tour by one of our guides, either for circumstances beyond our control or for birding reasons, clients must respect their professional opinion.

Group Size


Price ammendments/surcharges


Great attention to detail has been made when planning our tours with extensive discussion with local operators to ensure that things go smoothly and are described accurately in our tour write-ups. However, we also appreciate that the nature of this industry means that things do not always go exactly according to plan. In these circumstances we require our clients to address the nature of any problem as soon as it occurs, with the Calidris representative, so that it can be resolved quickly. Dissatisfactions that Calidris representatives are not made aware of at the time are difficult to resolve properly after the event. Please see our complaints procedure for the full details of how we aim to avoid having cause for complaint and how any complaint should be submitted and how that will be dealt with.

The full text of the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018